Paris in the fall!

I’d been tracking flights to Paris for a while and when I found some great deals, I knew we couldn’t pass it up… and I’m so glad we didn’t! We had a pretty quick trip — 5 days in Paris and let me tell you… it was worth it! While I probably could have stayed a whole month (or longer!), I’d totally do our trip all over again!

I’m not sure I have a top favorite thing we did…… because it was all equally great. We stayed at a little boutique hotel in Saint Germain which just happened to be my favorite neighborhood. We scootered around the city to Notre Dame, Le Cremieux, and Sacre Coeur and while it was quite the hike on scooters, I kind of felt like a local navigating the city. We had espresso and croissants and chocolate rolls for breakfast each morning and I swear, American croissants will never be the same. We enjoyed charcuterie and cheese, baguettes (lots of baguettes) and fine wine as the days went on with a side of Angelina’s hot chocolate and macaroons. YUM! Our hotel was only about a half mile walk to the Louvre and the Tuileries Gardens so we made our way over there several times and it was incredibly beautiful. Crepes in the park were recommended by a friend and I’d be lying if I said we only got them once. I’m so grateful to have had the opportunity to meet a fellow photographer and her her hubby to photograph them in the city of love and enjoy a couple of meals with our new friends! I can’t wait to go back to Paris…. what a magical place!<3