Jordan & George, Engaged

Jordan and George welcomed me to Jordan's Grandparents house for their engagement session. Since the day I met Jordan, I knew her attention to detail was a gift. Her love of details is both ornate and admiring, her love of fashion included. Wait until you see her dress at the end of this gallery... and SPOILER ALERT, it has a flamingo on it! She also has her own blog, Polka Dot Planes, full of more incredible outfit inspiration!

We started their session with a picnic on the crisp lawn. Sharing berries and cherries and playing a game of cards. It was incredible to watch the more comfortable they got with me, the more their pure love poured out of their souls.

Jordan's grandpa let us borrow his Jaguar kit car, and we pretended we were off on a fun adventure. When I look back at this session, I feel like we were in Charleston, which is actually where Jordan went to college so it's no surprise that southern charm stuck with us here in Pittsburgh!

To close out the session, Jordan and George dressed to impress and celebrated with Rose' to end an incredible evening. (And they even had one for me)!

I'm so excited for their wedding this August. Thank you Jordan and George, for inviting me to share and capture this sweetest season for the two of you!<3